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HOA rules, also referred to as covenants, bylaws, or restrictions, are determined by the developer of the community initially, and can be amended thereafter by the HOA management. Being an active member of your community can also improve your chances of getting your way when you challenge the rules. Sentry is an Accredited Management Organization by the Institute of Real Estate Management, an assurance of unsurpassed integrity. For more information on our homeowners association management services please call (303) 482-2213, or contact us via e-mail or request a proposal for your association. The maximum height for fences in the front yard is 48", and the fence must be at least 50% open. MLS #. Below weve provided a list of common issues to help you determine if your issue is handled by the association or the City. Remember: Two lucky households will be chosen by random drawing from the quorum participants (online, absentee, and in-person) to win the 2024 SRCA annual assessment! If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your project requires a permit. This will ensure that we reach our required quorum, and it will reduce wait time and contact points with other people when you sign in. 5 Beds. This Absentee Proxy Form is available at the SRCA office (6201 Virginia Pkwy, M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM). Before we delve into HOA rules and bylaws, its important to understand the role of the homeowners association. In general, the village guidelines are more restrictive than those for the SRCA. $1,269,990. Box 97243 812 Salem Woods Drive Raleigh, NC 27624 TEL: (919) 847-3003 Craig Ranch has everything you and your loved ones need. Craig Ranch Master-Planned Community in 2014. Its also not uncommon to see requirements for the depth of the fence posts and the construction/style of hardware so as to maximize durability. If you do not receive the encrypted link by email from stonebridgeranch@ivotehoa.com, you can still participate online. A library of documents ensures the stable foundation and continuity of our community over the course of decades. Its not uncommon for homeowners to feel overly restricted by HOA rules. This will save you unwanted fines and problems with your HOA and immediate neighbors. HOAs can also break the rules. Our opposition to Segment A of the Blue Alternative is based on the following facts presented by TxDOT in their February 2023 Announcement: 1. If yes, read the next paragraph and answer the questions below. Here youll find information on water, wastewater, stormwater, parks, trails, recreational amenities and streetlights, and details on the Design Review Council standards for aesthetic consistency in landscaping and home exteriors. The offenses include: HOA rules and bylaws are essential to maintaining a certain standard of living and property value in a community. The committee meets as needed and will try to accommodate all construction schedules. HOA Legal Name: Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc. Reserve funds are used for large projects such as replacements or repairs within the homeowners association. The Articles of Incorporation, signed in 1988, provide the basic cornerstone of our association. I am very excited with all the new stuff and only look forward to many more new things coming our way". Please come early so we can start on time. Hawthorne Estates - $2,289.12 Manchester - $1,888.52 - $3,529.04 (estimated; the actual fee is based on lot size) If you are interested in advertising, please contact. Annual Membership Meeting The annual meeting of the membership (all homeowners) is required by law and SRCA governing documents. This Absentee Proxy Form is available at the SRCA office (6201 Virginia Pkwy, M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM). See some of our different communities and choose the best one for your family. Staff are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. That vote will occur at the annual Board Organizational Meeting. But, theres a good chance youll find a few of these rules in your HOAs CC&Rs. Condo communities do have the authority to tow a vehicle. Thus, each village has its own design guidelines which those homeowners need to follow in conjunction with the SRCA Modification Design Guidelineswhen making exterior home improvements. Stonebridge Architectural Control Committee: If you have plans for a home (or any accessory building) that you are constructing in Stonebridge, you will need the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. Some of the HOAs responsibilities include managing, marketing and selling the units. Attend the Annual Meeting in Person. The maximum height for fences in the rear yard is 8'6". Architectural Committee has 45 days to review the submittal and issue a decision. Note: we recommend that you DO NOT save the Modification Design Guidelines PDF file to refer to it later. A permit for any retaining wall is required in the City of McKinney, regardless of height. Within 24 hours, she was confronted by the HOA president, who (very loudly) admonished her for obstructing her neighbors' lake views. These are open meetings and all residents are welcome. Members who have provided an email address in their private online account at, will automatically receive an encrypted link via email to enter the voting site. Furthermore, I understand TxDOT has an existing option, Segment B, that will cost less, reduce the tax burden on McKinney residents, destroy fewer businesses and homes, and result in less overall disruption to 36,000 Stonebridge Ranch residents and thousands of citizens throughout McKinney. And a poorly-placed fence or the wrong style of fence can obstruct views--a major problem, particularly if views are one of the main community draws. Whether you're an active HOA member or someone that is new to the club, you are probably well aware of many rules that may contain within an HOA. Here are some of the most common HOA rules and bylaws to consider if you want to move into an HOA managed property: Pet regulations: Most HOAs have strict pet policies that don't allow certain pets into the property. The assessment is late on the 15th of the month it is due. However, if the HOA takes longer than six months to reply to your request, then you should resubmit your variance request and ask for a hearing. ft. 15553 Via La Ventana, San Diego, CA 92131 $3,198,000 MLS# CV23015399 * See Virtual Link * Welcome to this ELEGANT and INVITING STONEBRIDGE ESTATE. Stonebridge RanchJomax Road, Lake Pleasant RoadPeoria, AZ 85383, Your Association's Managing Agent is: AAM, LLC1600 W. Broadway Rd. Accessing Documents & Resident Information, covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC & Rs), Privacy 11411 N 91st Ave , Peoria, AZ 85345-5626 is a mobile/manufactured home listed for-sale at $55,000. For instance, you could volunteer to be part of a committee within the HOA or offer your expertise to the board. Neighborhood stats provided by third party data sources. Its content and features, designed to serve the neighborhood residents, continue to evolve to this day. No matter how picky your HOA is, Fortress has a quality, stylish solution for you. The funds usually have strict criteria for how they are to be used. An organization's longevity largely depends on members complying to specific bylaws. In a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of Stonebridge Ranch at its meeting on February 23, 2023, on behalf of our Associations 36,000 residents, we hereby make an official statement adamantly opposed to TxDOTs Preferred Alternative Segment A of the Blue Alternative and continue to Support Segment B as the best option available for this project. 2 Utilities Mountain View Electric Black Hills Energy (Gas Service) Meridian Service Metro District (Water) Use tab to navigate through the menu items. If the HOA takes the latter route, your request might take up to six months, as the HOA will most likely consult with their attorney to determine the legal implications of altering the rule in question. 2. Please come early so we can start on time. Members who have provided an email address in their private online account at Ciranet.com/residentportal will automatically receive an encrypted link via email to enter the voting site. On behalf of SRCA, please be advised of the Annual Membership and Organizational meetings to be held on. Click here to visit the Meridian Service Metropolitan District website. This is the property details for 9826 Golf Crest Dr, Peyton, CO 80831. HOA Dues - All dues shall be payable on the first of each month. Stonebridge HOA Community Map Parks & Trails Map Antler Creek Golf Course Madera's Grill and Cantina Meridian Service Metro District Meridian Ranch Covenants (Warren Management) Design Review Council No. Well, this is actually surprisingly common. Peoria HOA Management - www.AssociatedAsset.com. We are comprised of volunteers, including a Board of Directors and Registered Members. While it is true that an HOA does require its members to abide by all community guidelines, being in an HOA is far more than just following a list of rules and . Give back to your community by volunteering in our Craig Ranch events! Located in Peoria, Arizona, Stonebridge Ranch is a family-friendly community. If you answered no to all questions, the project is considered to be a repair and does not require a permit. Please note that some neighborhoods were built in phases and have separate documents for each phase, so be sure to review the document related to the phase where your home is located. The primary purpose of the document is to better assure that builders of single-family residential properties within Stonebridge Ranch will conform and adhere to high standards of design excellence and successfully integrate the various land uses into a cohesive community.. A lien can seriously complicate matters if you wish to sell your home in the future. The SRCA provides bi-weekly email blasts to help residents stay informed about their community. Fences enclosing a pool / spa are subject to pool barrier requirements and require inspection. k6%[OV1uaz0mwz'i%5{R!uKx!NL$3+)Wr[f!J? Since the number of candidates equals the number of positions to be filled, the Board of Directors, per SRCA Bylaws, will vote to accept these candidates. We handle projects of all shapes and sizes and offer customized solutions. That law regarding HOA restrictions was passed as Senate bill 1588. Some projects require approval from the SRCA Modifications Committee as well. Study your house line drawing or plat or order a new survey ($500 to $1,000) from a land surveyor to be sure of boundaries. Site Plan (a survey or a drawing by hand is acceptable) uploaded to CSS, Fence material (e.g., wood, wrought iron, etc. Two lucky households will be chosen by random drawing from the quorum participants (online, absentee, and in-person) to win the 2024 annual assessment! Then Like our Facebook page, Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA)., New SRCA Lease Registration Policy Notice. Your account number is your online registration number. Please contact our offices for details. To conduct the annual meeting, we must meet or exceed a quorum. All new construction and all exterior changes, including landscaping and exterior painting to existing structures must be submitted to and approved by the ARC prior to commencement of work. Retaining walls more than two feet in height require engineered plans. The criteria is based on the HOA community rules and regulations, bylaws and accountability. This document goes through annual review and does occasionally change. If you were to ignore a fine, you could find yourself in a sticky situation whereby the HOA secures a lien against your property. If the language does not single out a specific religion, then it is enforceable. This fence is also ideal for locations that are prone to strong winds and storms, which could bring down a solid fence structure. *Stay tuned that day so you know where to go online to view the meeting. If you have any questions related to your villages guidelines, please contact office staff at 214-733-5800 or STONEB@Ciramail.com(M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.), A ADRIATICA ALTAMURA ESTATES ARBOR GLEN I ARBOR GLEN II ARBOR HOLLOW ASPENDALE AUTUMN RIDGE I AUTUMN RIDGE II, B BALLANTRAE I BALLANTRAE II BRIAR RIDGE I BRIAR RIDGE II BRIDGE POINT BRIGHTWOOD, C CANTERBURY CASCADES 66 LOTS CASCADES 80 LOTS CORONADO VILLAGE CRIMSON RIDGE I CRIMSON RIDGE II CYPRESS CROSSING I CYPRESS CROSSING II, F FAIRWAY VILLAGE FALCON CREEK I FALCON CREEK II FALCON CREEK III FALCON CREEK IV FIELDSTONE PLACE FOUNTAINVIEW FREEDOM PARK, H HACKBERRY RIDGE HICKORY HILL HILLS CREEK PHASE I HILLS CREEK PHASE II HILLSBOROUGH, K KENSINGTON KINGS LAKE CONVENTIONAL KINGS LAKE ZERO LOT KNIGHTSBRIDGE, L LA CIMA HAVEN LA CIMA MANOR LA CIMA MEADOWS LAKEPOINT LAKESIDE CROSSING LIBERTY PLACE LIVE OAK, M MAYBERRY PARK MEADOW RIDGE I MEADOW RIDGE II MELTON RIDGE MUIRFIELD POINT, PARADISO VALLEPARKVIEW ESTATES IPARKVIEW ESTATES IIPECAN CROSSING, Q QUAIL CREEK I QUAIL CREEK II QUAIL CREEK III QUAIL CREEK IV QUAIL CREEK V QUAIL CREEK VI & VII, S SADDLEBROOK CROSSING SADDLEHORN CREEK SADDLEHORN RIDGE SOMERSET SORRENTO SPRING HILL I SPRING HILL II STANFORD MEADOW STRATFORD MANOR STONE CANYON STONEBRIDGE ESTATES SUMMER GLEN SUMMER POINT I SUMMER POINT II SYMPHONY, T TANGLEWOOD THE ENCLAVE THE GALLERY THE HERITAGE THORNBERRY RIDGE TIMBER CROSSING, W WATERBURY WELLINGTON POINT I WELLINGTON POINT II WELLINGTON POINT III WELLINGTON POINT IV WILDWOOD CROSSING WILLOW BROOK I WILLOW BROOK II WILLOW BROOK III WOODHAVEN I WOODHAVEN II WOODLAND BRIDGE WREN CREEK WREN CREEK II A WREN CREEK II B WYNDSOR GROVE WYNN RIDGE I and II WYNN RIDGE IB WYNN RIDGE III. Owners are governed by rules known as covenants, conditions and restrictions, or CC&Rs. We must receive it at the office by 12:00 PM the day of the meeting, or you can drop it off at Crosspoint Church on Thursday, March 16, 2023, between 6:00 and 6:30 pm. Fortress fencing also offers a unique solution that blends wrought iron-style fencing with privacy fencing. P.O. Common HOA Guidelines on Fencing and the Reasoning Behind Them. At best, youll probably walk away with a compromise. So what kinds of restrictions or guidelines can you expect to confront when installing a new fence? 4,278 Sq. Therefore, its important for homeowners to follow them. Fence can be no taller in any spot than 6'. Sign up to receive updates about Association operations, guidelines, upcoming events, and more. CITY OF McKINNEY 972-547-7500 City of McKinney Architectural submittals can be made through the AAM All Access App or by using the downloadable form on this website. The business of the association will be conducted including approval of the 2022 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes and presentation of SRCA strategic reports and accomplishments. For instance, HOA rules might stipulate that you cant park your truck overnight because its appearance threatens the visual appeal of the neighborhood. Fence must be made of wood, either 1/2" - 3/4" thick. Upon buying a property within Stonebridge Ranch, each homeowner is responsible for understanding and adhering to the guidelines outlined on this page. Use the Absentee Quorum Participation form (paper) to declare your membership meeting attendance or designate your proxy for the meeting. Your fence must: - Be rectangular in design - Be white vinyl material - Be no more than 4 feet tall - Be installed by a professional fence contractor - Not have privacy slats, and have a minimum vertical spacing of 3.5 inches between slats - Not extend beyond 30 feet from the rear of your house p: 270-792-4757 1545 Shady Ridge Court Bowling Green, KY 42104 e: benniejones4757@gmail.com HOA Documents (PDF) Breckenridge CCRs Close Brixworth Contact Information Property Management Info: Ghertner & Co. Use the Absentee Quorum Participation form (paper) to declare your membership meeting attendance or designate your proxy for the meeting. She was also utterly unprepared for the dramatics that would ensue! We have a new distributor for our Craig Ranch Telegram! If no, you will need a permit. The annual meeting of the membership (all homeowners) is required by law and SRCA governing documents. 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